Tree Trimming 2016 Schedule

We are going to start in the Prairie Heights subdivision and hope to start at the end of February if possible and by March 1st, depending on the weather.

Why does the Lebanon Utilities prune trees?

Utility vegetation maintenance reduces electric safety risk to the public by:

Providing minimum separation between wires and vegetation to eliminate potential electrical shock.
Reducing potential wildfire hazards from tree/wire conflicts and downed power lines caused by trees.

Trees are among the most common causes of utility service interruptions. Trees that are too close to power lines can interfere with electric service; especially when weather brings lightning, wind, ice, or wet snow. Maintaining power to vital infrastructures and services such as hospitals, nursing homes, police and fire departments, airports, water and sewer pumping stations and traffic signals is paramount.

Utilities can better assure reliability of electric service by:

Having a preventative maintenance program that includes removing branches, vines and entire trees and brush from electrical equipment and energized conductors.
Removing vegetation that can potentially cause a safety hazard or an electrical outage when it has the potential to grow into the power lines or fall into them due to weather or poor tree health.