Lebanon Utilities’ Mission Statement

The mission of Lebanon Utilities is to provide our community with reliable, economical and high quality services in a friendly and courteous manner.

Our Vision Statement: Lebanon Utilities will be recognized throughout the region as a utility that has achieved a level of excellence in customer service distinctive from peers both large and small. It will be known as a utility that is in relentless pursuit of creating the WOW factor among its customers to whom it provides utility products and services through an energized work force. Its employees will enjoy an atmosphere which accentuates the positive, promotes the free flow of innovative customer responsive ideas, and is imbued with the values that create a spirit of uplift for all that come in contact. Lebanon Utilities will provide a key leadership component in transitioning the community it serves into the third millennium and beyond.

The Company Values include honesty, trustworthiness, service excellence, productivity, employee caring, free flow of ideas and teamwork. It is around these core values that Lebanon Utilities builds its future.