About Lebanon Utilities

Lebanon Utilities is a municipally-owned family of utilities providing electric, sewer, and water services to the City of Lebanon and the Town of Ulen. In addition, the company serves the Town of Elmwood with sewer and water and manages and operates stormwater and telecommunications facilities for the City of Lebanon.

The Lebanon Utilities Service Board is charged with the operation of the city’s electric, water, and sewage treatment departments with day-to-day operational responsibilities assigned to the general manager. The company is headquartered in the Lebanon Municipal Building located at 401 South Meridian Street and has offices for electric operations on 1300 West Main Street and for sewer on 802 Lafayette Avenue.

Leadership Team

Ed Basquill

General Manager

Trace Bowles

Chief Operations Officer

Sandra Morgan

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Susong

Water/Wastewater Operations Manager

Laurie Gross

Manager Key Accounts

Brenda Belcher

Customer Service Manager

Seth Byrd

Telecommunications Operations Manager

Rick Hale

Facilities Manager

Linda Ridgway-Titus

Executive Assistant