Sprinkler Meter FYI – (For Your Information)

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What is a sprinkler meter?

A. A sprinkler meter is a deduct meter that will calculate how much water is used outside so you will not be charged sewage on that water usage.

How much does a sprinkler meter cost?

A. The cost of a sprinkler meter is $74.90.

How do I install my sprinkler meter?

A. The Lebanon Utilities recommends using a black washing machine hose to attach your meter to the spigot. With the meter facing you so you can correctly read the dials, attach your garden hose to the other end of the meter. Make sure the arrow is pointing in the direction that the water is flowing out of the hose. Tip: After the sprinkler meter is set up make sure the numbers count upward.

How do I read my sprinkler meter?

A. Open the lid on the top of the meter and read all numbers from left to right, that is your sprinkler meter reading.

When do I call in my sprinkler meter reading?

A. The Lebanon Utilities recommends that you call in your sprinkler meter reading 10 days before the due date on your bill in order to receive the adjustment on your next bill.

Can I move my sprinkler meter around?

A. Yes, you can move your sprinkler meter around as long as the meter stays at the same service address.

What happens if my sprinkler meter breaks?

A. You can bring your sprinkler meter into the utility office and a meter tech will examine your meter to determine if it’s possible to be fixed there could be an additional charge.

What should I do with my sprinkler meter in the winter?

A. First, you’ll want to unhook your sprinkler meter from the hose and drain it of any excess water. Make sure to store your meter inside where it won’t freeze and bust.